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Mature Age Gay men are wonderful members of society and can be seen as the pioneers of the modern gay movement. Their experiences and hard fought victories have contributed to the personal freedoms we all enjoy today. What many MAGs themselves may not know is that there are a plethora of resources available, many Mature Age Gay man specific, to access here in Sydney, New South Wales. In fact, there is never a need to feel lonely, discouraged or afraid with so many support groups and agencies available at our door steps ranging from information to groups that regularly meet up to do planned activities. This website is intended as both a source of information to connect Mature Gay Men with the opportunities that existing services provide and to simply showcase a few things we believe MAGs will enjoy reading!


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At any age, being gay is a certain lifestyle, one that with time doesn’t diminish but flourishes. With age comes maturity, economic wealth and the status that comes along with being mature. However, just because one is mature doesn’t necessarily mean that they have fully discovered their sexual identities. Some men lead their entire younger lives unsure of their sexuality, or lead a “straight” lifestyle thinking they must keep up with society’s norms. For the mature men who have come out of the closet embracing their true sexual identities, they are taking advantage of all the liberties the current gay generation has, that the older generation helped pave the way for. 

While the younger gay generation are for the most part still figuring out their life paths and their true identity, the mature gay population for the most part has these facts of life sorted out. Being a mature age gay male has never been better in history, from more open social events held in more public places to gay adult DVDs and sex toys being available from local and reputable adult stores specially created with this demographic in mind. When the mature aged population were growing up this certainly wasn’t the case. Gay focused establishments were taboo, all located in one district of the city, and weren’t allowed to advertise as freely as their straight counterparts. These venues were also kept shrouded in mystery with blacked out windows and discreet entrances to avoid embarrassment for patrons entering and exiting.


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The younger gay generation acknowledges and appreciates the hard work mature aged gay members of the community put forth in order for today’s landscape to be the way it is. Without their tireless efforts social change and reform might not have happen and we would still be living in a time where people may be discriminated against because of their sexuality. Younger gay males look up to the mature aged population for guidance, as whom better to ask than someone who has been in their shoes before. The mature gay population has very interesting stories that they love to share, and are completely different from the stories that we would share with our friends today. The younger generation also look at mature aged men to show them how to take advantage of a full sexual lifestyle. Someone who has more experience sexually would make a better lover and partner than someone who is unexperienced or unsure of their sexuality. 

Mature aged gays still lead active social busy lives going out both on the weekdays and weekends. At most venues you see older mature gay males mingling with a drink in their hand, catching up with their friends. As the younger generation spends the early hours of the night getting ready worried about their appearance and social perceptions, mature gay men are more comfortable in their own skin, confident about themselves, and more concerned about having a good time while out than on their appearance or what other revellers are thinking about them. Mature aged gay men tend to have a better more relaxed time going out then someone who is preoccupied with external factors such as financial security, work, relationships or even concerns about their sexual performance and their how their penis looks. There is great debate among younger men about the ideal penis, and guys searching for a quick liaison are often concerned about the way their penis looks, whether it’s cut or uncut and a myriad of other frivolous concerns.

Not all mature aged gays are single, and looking for chance encounters. Mature aged gays may be in a long term relationship with partners their own age, older and younger. They might be happy with being single, they might be sexual being who enjoy XXX films, erotic stories to engage their imagination or they might be content being asexual. Some of these remarkable relationships span over decades and they might not have always been so open to show their affection in public as they once were. Society has been more accepting of homosexual relationships and showing affection outside of closed doors.


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Example of an old gay pub- notice the lack of windows or outdoor space.

What happens when a young gay male falls in love in his 20’s and is with the same partner for many years? They share the connection of love, support and trust and suddenly one of the partners passes away. Where does this leave the surviving partner? Do they pick up the pieces and try their hand again at love, or do they accept the fact that they may be alone? Either or are valid paths to pick, but really, who wants to be alone for their foreseeable future? There are many mature aged gays looking for love and companionship with people of their own age, older or even younger.

Just as the younger generation may see mature aged gays to share new experiences with, a mature aged gay may learn new experiences with the younger. Their fresh outlook on life, their desires to try new activities and experiences could be interchangeable between the two men could result in the idea that Cupid or even the god of love has struck them down with such intense passion that they’re completely and utterly inseparable. Both people may be attracted to the idea that has and this could start the workings of a deep meaningful partnership. There are many successful relationships where there is a larger age gap but their daily lives aren’t dictated by a number that represents someone’s age. As long as there is love/lust for each other, a number shouldn’t stand in your way.


stand in your way


Mature Aged Gays may have children, either adopted or conceived by a surrogate mother. They generally enjoy a greater spending capital as they may already paid off their house and have no depending children to financially support. By not having these added pressures in life, there is more disposable income to take advantage of what you really enjoy. Major purchases such as a house or car are important to anyone regardless of age, but possessions are meaningless if you don’t have anyone to share the experience with. Mature aged gays are not solely looking for younger males just to have sexual intercourse with but to share life’s experiences and the rest of their lives with.

There are organizations in Australia that are set up to assist with social inclusion of gay mature males. These groups attract older members who may be lonely and need a bi of help with social inclusion. Providing such services as meals, guest speakers, group activities, sporting events and card nights help foster a sense of community and inclusion. These groups generally hold once a month meetings and support counselling for group members. No one at any age should have to feel alone or isolated from the community.

Heart Attack Information

Every year in Australia 54,000 people have a heart attack, the United States sees 750,000 annually. Globally, in 2010, the amount of people listed as having a stroke was 33 million, which is roughly the same population level as Canada.

Labelling With In The Queer Community

It's almost ironic in a sense that the queer community uses a labelling system within themselves and this is seemingly important when it comes to dating sites and the classification of gay porn DVD's


It is important for Mature Age Gay members of society to keep fit and active. Without social inclusion, one can fall down the path of depression, loneliness and self-pity.