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As a Mature Aged Gay there are many exciting products to try at your local adult shop. These sexual aids may help your libido or sex life and help create a memorable sexual experience. Age is never a factor when it comes to sexual identity, pleasure or gratification which plays a significant part in making adult stores appeal to every age. For too long has sexual gratification centred on the ability to get, and maintain, an erection and engage in penetrative sex. In reality though, not every gay man engages in penetrative anal sex. The point to keep in mind is that the enjoyment of partaking in anal sex is not an essential requirement for identifying as gay. Gay sex might involve the partaking of intercural sexual intercourse which is defined as being non-penetrative. This might involve one partner placing his penis between his male partner’s thighs, legs, or even hands whilst lubricated. This practice is originally thought to be dated back to Ancient Greek sexual practices. Intercural sex is considered to be a safe form of sex, as unless there are cuts or abrasions on the legs, there is no bodily fluid exchanges taking place.

In the absence of intercural sex, sex toys might also be a useful replacement for penetrative intercourse with a penis. Sex toys are used by both men and women of all ages and sexual orientations and the stigma of purchasing and owning a sex toy is breaking down. The quality of sex toys in recent years has greatly improved by using better materials such as silicone, improved motors for a stronger vibration, advanced ergonomic designs, and to be aesthetically and visually more appealing. We have evolved from the days when just plain hard plastic straight up vibrators made up the landscape of every adult shop. The staff members at adult shops are also a wealth of knowledge, and can help you discover the benefits of each product and walk you through how the specific products work. Consider them like a health care provider, and it is best if you tell them exactly what you're looking for, or in the absence that you're not sure, what you're specifically looking for the sexual aide to do. For example, there are a wide variety of mensextoys that can assist with erectile dysfunction and the causes of erectile dysfunction which can lead to a renewed enjoyment of sexual activity. Take advantage of all the sex toys designed especially for the Mature Age Gay community and you will not regret the decision.


Cock Rings

The purpose of a cock ring is to keep the flow of blood inside the erect penis while maintaining an erection. There are many materials that cock rings can be made out of, including soft stretchy silicone, TPE rubber which is soft but not stretchy, leather, stainless steel, metal and even plastic.


cock ring


A cock ring can be very beneficial for assisting those with erectile dysfunction because it has the ability to keep blood in the penis and help prolong an erection and provide a better orgasm, as such they're often used in conjunction with penis pumps. Cockrings also enhance the visual appearance of the penis by helping push out the penis for a better looking length and this can be considered to be a visual performance boost for all men by making the penis look harder and thicker. Since there is constriction while wearing the ring, men may not finish as fast and thus allow sufferers of premature ejaculation a chance to enjoy the moment, allowing their partner to climax first.

It should be noted that cock rings are not designed for pro longed use, and especially if the wearer has heart problems, care monitoring of the cock ring will be needed. If at any stage the penis becomes discoloured, or numb, the cock ring will need to be removed and the shaft massaged between the thumb and the palm in stroking motions to help encourage blood flow. The constriction however, and the subsequent build-up will help intensify the males’ orgasm, as the muscles are forced to work harder to get the ejaculate through the constriction. Men wearing cock rings during ejaculation often speak of a stronger, more intense orgasm.

Cock rings come in a variety of materials as well as coming in the option of a vibrating or non-vibrating cock ring. Vibrating cock rings can help stimulate the testicles, or they can be used to vibrate on the perineum during sexual positions where a couple are facing each other. Vibrating cock rings can be affixed with a motor on the top, bottom or both of the ring. Many men enjoy the sensations of the vibrations which are felt on the wearer’s penis. This is also an excellent way to provide a different sensation to men during masturbation as well as to provide stimulation during periods of foreplay where continued stimulation is required to maintain the erection. The added vibration helps excite the wearer just as much as his partner.




Many men also find them visually attractive, and they can often be used to give the appearance of a bigger bulge when wearing underwear. Putting a cock ring on is a fairly simple process. Cock rings are meant to be placed on the flaccid penis, not after you have obtained an erection. If you're using a material which is stretchy, simply stretch the ring over the balls first, then push the flaccid shaft through and slide the ring to the base of the penis. As you become erect the ring should tighten for a snug feeling, while ensuring it is not too tight to cause pain or discomfort. A bit of lubricant may be placed on the penis to help pull the ring down to the base. It will be advised that you trim or shave before using a cock ring because some materials may grip onto the hair during movement, and this can result in some discomfort. If you're using a metal ring you need to be familiar with cock rings and how they work, it is not advised that your first cock ring be metal. Finding the right size steel cock ring could be a challenge.

We recommend measuring up your penis during both flaccid and erect states to ensure that you're getting the right diameter cock ring. To measure, tie a length of string around the very base of the penis in both erect and flaccid states, measuring the length of the string where they touch and dividing that by 3.14.  We are also recommending taking your new cock ring for a test try before introducing it into the bedroom to ensure it fits properly and doesn’t cause discomfort.


cock rings


Stainless steel cock rings are heavier then rings made out of silicone, however, the likelihood of them snapping and breaking during an intimate moment is almost impossible. Cock rings are probably one of the simplest sexual aides that you can use. If you suffer from arthritis or have difficulty flexing your fingers you might want to consider a lasso style cock ring instead.

Breaking away from the traditional ring formation, these have a lasso type shape which is easily adjustable by a movable clip to any wearer’s individual girth. These are worn at the base of the penis and like traditional cock rings keep the blood flow within the penis. These are easy to remove once finished by pulling the clip down away from the penis and sliding off. Whilst most men will wear a cock ring at the base of their penis, some use them to stretch around their testicles as well for additional support. There are also cock rings with dual rings that are especially made to go around both. This will prevent excessive movement of the testicles during sexual activity and can also help provide extra stimulation and increasing the intensity of the orgasm. Lastly, there are also rings designed to act as a ball stretcher as well. This helps lengthen the scrotum and can help men reach a desired bigger look.

There are many benefits of using a cock ring, however it is not recommended to be worn for over 30 minutes at any one time. Past the 30 minute mark, too much constriction could lead to irreversible damage in the penis. Blood flow may not circulate properly and the shaft may become swollen, numb or even painful. A tell-tale sign that the cock ring is too tight is after use the area where the ring was, is red, swollen or painful to the touch. Wearing a cock ring could also lead to a prolonged erection, which whilst most men dream about, could actually have negative effects such as pain and problems maintaining an erection later on in life. Cock rings are not valid methods of conception blockers and do not limit the amount of seamen produced with each ejaculate. If you are having sex while wearing a condom, place the condom on and then the ring over the condom to ensure the condom does not snap and break. It should also be noted that while a cock ring may delay the ejaculation it does not fully stop the man from ejaculating and cock rings should not be used as a method of safe sex.

Penis Pumps

penis pumps


Penis pumps are especially useful for mature gay men suffering from prostate issues, and erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps are often thought to be associated with increasing penis size, yet when you think about it through the example of Pussy Pumps, they’re not so much increasing the size but increasing the blood flow. The increased blood flow as a result of a penis or pussy pump, will activate the nerves and increase stimulation. Whilst increasing the size is partially true, penis pumps (and vacuum devices) are more commonly suited towards aiding with erectile dysfunction and blood flow.  What happens during erections is that there is an increased blood flow to the penile region, foreplay and the arousal will result in a faster heartbeat, which will direct more blood flow to the penis a complex system of veins and arteries will relax and tense in order to create the erection and limit blood flow. Unfortunately, if there are heart problems, issues with the arteries then the required blood flow and pressure may not be there. In the case of having prostate cancer or prostate surgery, then the delicate network of valves and arteries might be damaged as a result meaning that the body might struggle to get an erection.

What the penis pump does, is accelerate blood flow. It does this by creating a vacuum through which blood is drawn into the shaft creating the erection. Sometimes the vacuum will be enough to maintain the erection. Other times there it may need to be used in conjunction with a cock ring. The cock ring will create a constriction on the shaft and help with holding the blood. Penis pumps are fairly simple to use once you've got the right one, but they do have a certain procedure which needs to be followed.


penis pumps


Before purchasing a penis pump you'll need to give some thought to the following ideas. Firstly, are you using it as a form of penis extension, or are you using it to promote blood flow as there are pumps specifically geared for both of these uses. In the promotion of blood flow you'll need to make sure that you have the correct fit. Most of the basic pumps will be roughly the same size, but when you go up in quality, you'll find that there's a range of different sizes from widths to lengths. You need to ensure that you're getting both the correct sizings, so it might be wise to measure up. If the cylinder is too thin, what you'll find is that you'll be putting too much pressure on the skin which can cause abrasions and friction burns, you don't want to have too much room but you also don't want to be crushing your shaft against the side of the cylinder either. Your penis pump might be automatic, it might require squeezing of a rubber ball, or like a bicycle pump. It is important that you have selected a pump based not only on your penis size, but also on your movement ability and muscle strength. If you're in a store, ask to feel the pump, hold it and give it a general test of squeezing. If the movement is uncomfortable, pick a different pump.


Using a Penis Pump

1. Ensure that you are trimmed, or shaved in the genital area. Excess hair can make obtaining a vacuum seal difficult.

2. Prepare the shaft by covering the genitals with a warm damp cloth. This will help relax the muscles and opening them up for the erection. You may need to remove the cloth and reapply a few times. Whilst you're doing this gently massage the shaft by making soft, stroking motions away from the body between your thumb and forefinger, or your thumb and palm.

3. Apply a water based lubricant to the base of the penis pump cylinder and to the area on the skin that the cylinder will be applied to. Using a thicker water based lubricant, or specialised pumping cream, will provide the most benefit in helping create the seal needed.

4. Gently place the cylinder over the penis and take care in leaving the balls out of the cylinder. Press firmly against the body.

5. Slowly, give a few pumps. Do not pump the hell out of your penis the first time, what you're doing is gradually building up pressure over time. Failure to do this can result in clots, and or potential damage to the arteries and veins. It's important that you do this correctly.

6. Hold the pressure for a minute, and then release the pressure. Using the same amount of pumps before, pump up the cylinder again.

7. Repeat this a few times before incrementing the amount of pumps that you squeeze.

8. Once you have obtained a rock hard erection. See how your body reacts with the removal of the pump. If your erection goes down, you're going to need a cock ring. A cock ring will need to be placed onto the cylinder, and as you're removing the cylinder you would pull the cock ring over the lip and edge before putting it into place.

Viola, there's the simple instructions on using a penis pump.

Prostate Vibrators

The prostate is the male G spot and can result in very powerful and intense orgasms when stimulated. The stimulation of the prostate is recommended for prostate health and this can either be done through frequent ejaculation, or through the use of prostate stimulators. There are a wide amount of prostate stimulators out there, and it can be a confusing mine field for the new user. Basically what you're looking for is something comfortable and which fits what you're after, they’re actually very similar to G-Spot vibrators, though a prostate vibrator will usually have a flare on the base of it to prevent it from being absorbed. For your first prostate massager, there's no need to get something with all the bells and whistles on it. What you will be looking for is something relatively simple and cheap. If you've not had prostate stimulation before, you might not even be sure if you're going to like it, so start off with something simple. This is irrespective of your sexual role as not all penetrative sex will stimulate the prostate.


prostate vibrators


A prostate vibrator is a male sex toy  that is especially useful for solo play, and we don't necessarily recommend it for partner play to begin with. The reason is fairly simple. When you have control of the prostate toy, you know which spots it’s hitting and you can directly manipulate that into the precise position that you're after. For someone new to prostate play, if they're controlling the device to use on someone else, they can't feel where the toy is hitting except through your feedback. For this reason, we recommend if you're engaging in prostate play through a partner that your partner use his hands and fingers to begin with so he can gain an intimate understanding of the precise spot that he's meant to be hitting. This may not happen overnight and may take place over the course of sexual activity over many weeks. If you're having trouble finding the prostate, then try getting aroused by stroking your penis or having your partner stroke it for you. The arousal will make the prostate swell and become hard the closer that it is towards orgasm and ejaculation. During stimulation of the prostate through such a direct means, it is very important not to place too much pressure on the prostate as this in turn can damage the urethral tubing of the male genitals. You might also want to consider the idea of a vibrating prostate massager. This can be good if localised stimulation isn't working that well for you. The vibrations, and strength of the vibrations will provide pleasure through a broader area and can also result in intense orgasmic pleasure purely through the vibrations!

Male Strap Ons

male strap ons


Male strap ons are a useful sexual aide for people that cannot get erections, for people that suffer from premature ejaculation, or from inconsistent erections. The male strap on is a kit which includes a harness which is meant to be worn around the waist or hips, and will have a dildo that can be attached to the harness. Male strap ons will often find that the device is hollow allowing them to wear it over their penis, or that there will be a gap in the harness through which they can place their penis.

In this sense, they can then alternate between the dildo and their own penis however they see fit. Whilst strap ons can be used to help compensate for erectile problems, they can also be used by those wanting to use a bigger size penis than their partners. With a larger strap on than usual, some men enjoy the fantasy of pretending that they're hung like porn stars, or they might be doing it to please their partner who enjoys the use of larger anal toys. Whatever the reason, strap ons are a fun complement to sexual activity. In comparison to other sex toys, some people might find that strap ons are a little more complex than other toys.

The dildos that they use are generally replaceable, and can be changed for other dildos, but some people might find this to be a little complex, in addition to putting on the strap on, adjusting all the straps to ensure a secure fit. The best piece of advice that we can give in this regard is to take your time. Sex isn't always perfect, and it might help to maintain a sense of humour as opposed to stressing yourself out. Some other tips to consider are:

- Strap ons need lubrication. The dildo and the ass should be lubricated well before insertion. The material of the toy is not skin and it will probably have more resistance than skin. Coat with a quality silicone lubricant generously as silicone lubricant is especially useful for anal play.

- As with any anal play care needs to be taken. Especially if the wearer is using a bigger size than their own, it may seem obvious but it's important to remember that the size is bigger and that extra care and preparation will need to occur before engaging in anal play. Some people will engage in anal play thinking that it's their usual size which can cause discomfort for the recipient (bottom)

- Depending on your level of movement, you might need something to hold on to during thrusting to ensure balance.

- Just because you have a strap on doesn't mean that you need to always be using it. It's important to switch it up during sexual activities to ensure variety and intimacy.

Masturbation Toys

There are masturbation toys designed especially for mature aged gays, or even their younger toyboys which may help prolong the sexual experience and bring a heighten sense of pleasure to the user. Many community members also use masturbation devices when viewing pornography and pretend their toy is a real mouth or ass. These masturbation toys are made using soft skin like materials (usually made out of Silla skin or a UR-3 material) that feel incredibly soft to the touch. They're also fantastic for holding body temperature and will quickly warm up during use, or can be warmed up beforehand by soaking in warm water, to ensure a realistic feel. Masturbation toys come in various sizes that range from a small hand held size to a larger full size sleeve with plastic outer shell, to full sized masturbation and sex dolls. The majority of masturbation devices are reusable and very easy to clean for a new feeling for each use. To clean simply wash out with warm water and soap paying special attention to any grooves inside the toy. For an extra clean experience, we recommend using an anti-bacterial toy cleaner to safely remove bacteria that water alone may not remove. Masturbation toys that are made for the gay community usually have a mouth or ass entrance for insertion, though you can get orifices with no gender, or with female orifices. When using these exciting toys users will feel a unique sensation that may only be brought upon using a masturbation device. The use of lubricant while using a masturbation toy is highly recommended. Lubrication helps provide a slippery surface inside the toy, removing friction that may cause irritation while using the toy.


flesh light


The most popular line of masturbation toys are from Fleshlight, and their gay brother line, Fleshjack. The Fleshlight/fleshjack is the most sought after offering sex toy for men and they are surprisingly simple to use. The discreet tough plastic case is intended to resemble a common flashlight, however the hidden surprise is inside. Underneath the cap is a super soft life like skin material that closely feels in the same class as the real thing. On the top of the case there is a releasing valve to tighten or loosen the airflow inside the shaft for a tighter or looser feel while using the Fleshjack. To utilize the Fleshjack, just open the cap on the bottom of the Fleshjack.  A helpful suggestion is to soak the Fleshjack sleeve in a sink filled with warm water for a warmer experience. Your Fleshjack sleeves are intended to hold warmth to amplify the life like experience and following a couple of minutes the sleeves will be warm and will be prepared for use.  Place the sleeve back inside the shell, and apply a light layer of water based lubricant to the entrance of the sleeve and yourself. Then continue to use your Fleshjack in a stroking manner until climax.

Fleshjack comes in a variety of sleeves directly casted from porn stars real anatomy. The interiors are all unique to the star and everyone is different. Users can get sleeves from their favourite XXX video porn stars and that includes; Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, Pierre Fitch, Austin Wilde, and models from Bel Ami, Next Door Studios and Cockyboys.

Trying new ways to use a Fleshjack is part of the fun of owning an adult toy. While these toys are generally used as an extension of your own hand as you would normally masturbate, try putting the Fleshjack between your mattress and the bed for a doggie-style style experience. If you’re using a couch, place the Fleshjack between the couch and cushions to hold it in place. Another fun experience is holding it on a counter top and use the Fleshjack standing up.