Penis Pumps For MAGS

Penis Pumps For MAGS

Penis pumps are an especially useful sex toys for the mature gay suffering from prostate issues and erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps for mags are often thought to be associated with increasing penis size. But when you think about it through the example of Pussy Pumps, they’re not so much increasing the size but increasing the blood flow.

Increased blood flow as a result of a penis or pussy pump, will activate the nerves and increase stimulation. Whilst increasing the size is partially true, penis pumps (and vacuum devices) are more commonly suited towards aiding with erectile dysfunction and blood flow.

What happens during erections is that there is an increased blood flow to the penile region, foreplay and the arousal will result in a faster heartbeat. This will direct more blood flow to the penis.  A complex system of veins and arteries will relax and tense in order to create the erection and limit blood flow.  Unfortunately, if there are heart problems, issues with the arteries then the required blood flow and pressure may not be there.  In the case of having prostate cancer or prostate surgery, then the delicate network of valves and arteries might be damaged.  As a result meaning that the body might struggle to get an erection.

What do Penis Pumps for MAGS Do?

What the penis pump does, is accelerate blood flow.

It does this by creating a vacuum through which blood is drawn into the shaft creating the erection.  Sometimes the vacuum will be enough to maintain the erection.  Other times there it may need to be used in conjunction with a cock ring. A cock ring will create a constriction on the shaft and help with holding the blood.

Penis pumps are fairly simple to use once you’ve got the right one.  But they do have a certain procedure which needs to be followed.

penis pumps for MAGS
Penis Cylinder

Things to Think About Before Buying a Penis Pump

Before purchasing a penis pump you’ll need to give some thought to the following ideas.

Firstly, are you using it as a form of penis extension, or are you using it to promote blood flow as there are pumps specifically geared for both of these uses.

  • Promotion of blood flow. You’ll need to make sure that you have the correct fit. Most of the basic pumps will be roughly the same size. But when you go up in quality, you’ll find that there’s a range of different sizes from widths to lengths.
  • You need to ensure that you’re getting both the correct sizings, so it might be wise to measure up.  If the cylinder is too thin, what you’ll find is that you’ll be putting too much pressure on the skin which can cause abrasions and friction burns.  You don’t want to have too much room. But you also don’t want to be crushing your shaft against the side of the cylinder either. Y
  • our penis pump might be automatic, it might require squeezing of a rubber ball, or like a bicycle pump. It is important that you have selected a pump based not only on your penis size. But also on your movement ability and muscle strength.
  • If you’re in a store, ask to feel the pump, hold it and give it a general test of squeezing.  If the movement is uncomfortable, pick a different pump.
penis pumps for MAGS
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Using a Penis Pump

  1. Ensure that you are trimmed, or shaved in the genital area. Excess hair can make obtaining a vacuum seal difficult.
  2. Prepare the shaft by covering the genitals with a warm damp cloth. This will help relax the muscles and opening them up for the erection. You may need to remove the cloth and reapply a few times. Whilst you’re doing this gently massage the shaft by making soft, stroking motions away from the body between your thumb and forefinger, or your thumb and palm.
  3. Apply a water based lubricant to the base of the penis pump cylinder and to the area on the skin that the cylinder will be applied to. Using a thicker water based lubricant, or specialised pumping cream, will provide the most benefit in helping create the seal needed.
  4. Gently place the cylinder over the penis and take care in leaving the balls out of the cylinder. Press firmly against the body.

Time to Start Pumping

  1. Slowly, give a few pumps. Do not pump the hell out of your penis the first time. What you’re doing is gradually building up pressure over time. Failure to do this can result in clots, and or potential damage to the arteries and veins. It’s important that you do this correctly.
  2. Hold the pressure for a minute, and then release the pressure. Using the same amount of pumps before, pump up the cylinder again.
  3. Repeat this a few times before incrementing the amount of pumps that you squeeze.
  4. Once you have obtained a rock hard erection see how your body reacts with the removal of the pump. If your erection goes down, you’re going to need a cock ring. A cock ring will need to be placed onto the cylinder, and as you’re removing the cylinder you would pull the cock ring over the lip and edge before putting it into place.

Viola, there’s the simple instructions on using a penis pump.

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