Being a Gay Silver Fox

Being a Gay Silver Fox

Gays growing old might be one of the disappointing things in the community. This is what most people think. Especially those gays who can’t seem to find the perfect reflection of an old gay in this society full of criticisms. Life doesn’t stop at 30. Physical appearance is not a measurement of beauty. Gays should be able to understand this concept because negative behavior towards aging only makes life worse.  If you are someone who is looking to a more positive perspective about aging, here’s what you need to know about being a gay silver fox.

Tips for Being a Gay Silver Fox

1. It’s never too late to go bionic

Being a gay silver fox means going bionic. Instead of worrying about your increasing age, why don’t you focus on getting physically fit so you can be inspired to live for as long as you want? Hiding out in the gym is common for gay men who are in their middle life. Achieving that sexy dad bod is never too late for an aging gay.

Even 50 years olds are spending their day at the gym to achieve what they want for their physical appearances. A gay silver fox invests his time, money, and effort to do bodybuilding. Commitment is a part of going bionic. If you work hard on your body, it will pay off in the end.

2. Freezing your time is possible.

Gays can possibly freeze their time by getting cosmetic surgeries to mask their aging. It’s an option for most gay silver foxes. If the main issue is physical appearance, then the technology today will help them prevent their body from aging. Cosmetic surgeries make gays look young and feel fresh.

There are some gays who do a lot of surgeries but they still watch out for the changes so that they won’t look too fresh for their age.  Getting plastic surgery is also a way to distract oneself from a midlife crisis. When middle life is approaching and a gay dwells too much on aging, it makes him suffer from psychological issues.  This leads to gay silver foxes to discover that improving their physical appearance somehow helps.

Cosmetic surgeries are a personal choice. Even with temporary masks, people continue to grow older. And even after the pain you get from this operation, self-consciousness is inevitable.

Being a gay silver fox should not be limited to changing physical attributes. There are better things to spend your money on.

being a gay silver fox


3. A gay silver fox dominates young men

Instead of worrying about age, many gays are embracing the concept of growing old by dominating young men. They choose to appear as “Gay Daddies” so they can find their “sons” on the internet.

Of course, this comes with the ideas from sub/dom relationships. Being a daddy means using kinky stuff. They can do whatever they want during sex with their partners as long as they clean themselves up right after it. It’s also helpful to consider that upholding the image of being a daddy is not as easy as what you think it is. There is plenty of time and effort needed.  You need stronger props such as whiskey, cigars.

4.  A gay silver fox tends to be attractive as long as he lives.

You can’t deny the truth about the current gay scene.  Your value is based on how attractive you are to your fellow gay men. There are certain older gay men facts of life. A typical gay silver fox will continue working on his looks and sexual attractiveness. Gay men who stay sexually attractive as he gets older will gain the highest recognition.

Gays can settle to simple sex as part of the physical connection. A gay may sometimes feel that he is not attractive enough based on the sex he is getting. This may arise as a problem as you grow older. Sex is often the main factor to determine self-esteem. And if you don’t have enough of it, you can develop a phobia of aging since it can mean no sex at all.

Aging is something you can’t stop.

You can only recreate things, maximize the use of your time, and change your mindset as you face the challenges of aging. A gay silver fox tends to be more creative than other genders in the community and now is the time to embrace the change.

Mature Gay – What Younger Men Think

MAGS Online Dating | Gay Younger Men

The LGBTQ community and same-sex marriage have been the talk of the town for so long before the society finally accepts them. There are many great things about these people. They chose to settle with partners who have the same gender as they embraced same-sex marriage for good reasons.  It’s not just about satisfying one’s sexual pleasure; it’s more than that.  In fact, one gay dentist from California has testified that being gay is not just finding out what you love about a person. It’s also exploring what they are as a person while you are discovering your preferences.

As part of the LGBTQ community, here are some common reasons why young gays are attracted to mature gays.

1. Young Men Like the Comfort

There are younger men who testify that they like older men with rounded bodies, with faded sharp edges. One reason why they prefer endomorphic bodies is that it comforts them when they rest their head on something with belly fat. It’s equivalent to men’s admiration for the breasts of women. In addition to it, younger gays like it when older men can’t produce testosterone anymore. Because what they can share are wisdom, commitment, maturity, and stability.

2. Mature men dedicate themselves to their partners

Another assumption based on the experiences of younger men is that their relationship with older men ends immediately. There are young gays who dedicate themselves to caregiving. Especially if their partners have developed dying diseases. While it is uncommon for heterosexual couples to commit themselves to care for their partners when these circumstances happen.  Homosexual couples are heavily invested to take care of their partners. It’s a unique characteristic in mature gays.

3. Mature gays receive great criticism from different sources.

Doubts and criticisms are part of the lives of mature gays. Younger men have testified that even their older partners are doubting if the relationship will last for a longer period of time due to the possible shifting of the interest of younger gays.

Even the LGBTQ community can’t hold itself back from commenting and giving opinions such as the only rationalization for partnering with older men is money, adoption, or romance. Money is the center of criticism, many younger men are more financially independent and secure than their partners.

4. Same-sex relationships are accepted by family members.

A lot of members under the LGBTQ community and even heterosexual couples have this misconception that same-sex relationships can’t get passed through their family members. Especially if the older partner has experienced being involved in a heterosexual relationship. This is true for some. But there are people who got accepted by their families for different reasons. Like it is the true persona of the person or they deserve better care after all the life struggles they’ve gone through. There is clearly participation from the community outside LGBTQ, which is a good reason for mature gays to keep moving forward.

being a gay silver fox
What is Love

5. Choosing an older partner is not just about “dirty old man” relationships.

Choosing an older partner may involve passion and pleasure for sexual intercourse. It’s not just about the “dirty old men” concept. Although most people will think that having a relationship with gay at the age of 40 hinders them from getting good sex, some of these assumptions are wrong. Some gay couples perform better in bed compared to other same-sex partners. The functionality of their sexual organs change, yes, but this is not something that can affect their sexual relationship with each other.

6. There are no age boundaries.

Younger men who like to be involved in a relationship with older men think that there is no age boundary. Whether it is pure love or sex, there is no age that can cut off the excitement and fascination of both partners. In fact, most relationships are strengthened after some time of spending intimate bonds with each other. Also, it is not true that older men can’t get erections at this age. Sexual intimacy for them includes both physical and emotional connection.

The sky is the limit no matter what their ages are.

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