Creative Gay Date Ideas

Creative Gay Date Ideas

Whether you recently met or you’re celebrating an anniversary, going on dates is an essential part of nurturing your relationship. Dating offers many benefits epecially if the relationship is young.  You can break the ice and know each other better, strengthening the relationship. While many couples want to go on cute dates, it can prove expensive if the venue and setup are not picked well. Even with a small amount of money you can have fun on a date. Here are some creative gay date ideas to get started. 

Creative Gay Date Ideas

First Date

If you’re asking what perfect first date ideas are, there are endless possibilities you could explore. The aim of the first date is to know if you loved the company of the person.  These cool ideas would be ideal on a budget.

  • Have dinner. For people asking what date ideas they can embrace on a budget, having dinner is the most common first date idea. Dinner takes up more time than getting some coffee, so you can get to know each other better. A combination of good food and wine in a serene location will allow for eye contact and set the tone for a deep conversation.
  • Take cooking classes. If you want to have enough time to talk, you can meet for an activity like cooking classes. This is the best way to get the conversation going while releasing the pressure of maintaining eye contact.
  • Meet for Coffee. Coffee is an ideal setting for the first date, as most shops are structured to allow conversation. The date keeps it casual and offers a good opportunity to get to know each other.
creative gay date ideas
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Second Date 

If you made it to the second date, congrats. Now, you may be wondering what cheap date ideas for the second date are? Unlike popular opinion, the second date could be more important than your first. It should be fun and show both of you paid attention to the first date.

  • Visit the Zoo. You can veer away from the protocol and take a trip to the zoo. While on your trip, grab some ice cream and wander around. Find out what your favourite animal is.
  • Enjoy a show at the comedy club. Laughter is an amazing way to build a bond. Take your date to watch their favourite comedian, or if you’re asking what are date ideas during quarantine, you could go to an open mic night with social distancing.
  • Have brunch. If you’re both foodies, a brunch is a perfect way to spend your second date. Choose a variety of leisurely meals that carry on into your afternoon. 
  • Go hiking. Get out and explore the outdoors. Maybe you can carry a surprise lunch for when you hit the summit. This is a beautiful date idea as it’s active, and with nature around you, there’s always something you can talk about, so you will not experience awkward silences.

Double Date Ideas

When done correctly, double dates can offer double fun, as long as you get along with your date. Here are some things to try out.

  • Go-kart racing. Get the adrenaline rushing with a go-kart race. Some competition is a good way to bond and understand each other better. That aggressive spirit will draw you closer and help build your relationship to new levels.
  • Play truth or dare. Truth or dare can be the perfect trick if you want an interrogation. It’s fun and could help you know each other better. Relive your high school years with some drinks.
  • Play charades. Engage in healthy competition playing a game of charades. Games are a good way to break the ice if both or one of you is shy. It’s an easy way to get familiar with your partner before you explore something more exciting.
  • Watch a sporting event. If there’s a match on the weekend, you can go out to cheer for your favorite team. Getting involved in an exciting event helps kill boredom. It’s an opportunity to enjoy and celebrate knowing each other.
  • Colour adult colour books. This can be great foreplay if you have reached that point in your relationship. You can throw on some cool music, open bottles of wine, and start colouring your favorite adult colour books. The benefit of this is that it works as a good warm-up to sexy moments if this is something both of you are prepared to explore.

Final Thoughts

There are infinite ideas when it comes to going on a date.  Be sure to keep in mind any red flags for gay dating as well. Even if you’re wondering what are good date ideas during COVID, there is always something you can do that will be fun. These ideas are cheap and help you know each other.

What would you advise someone planning a first date?

Find a Bear in Unexpected Places

It has become something of a well-known truth that you can find a Bear from every spectrum of the world in the most unexpected places. A key point to note here, though, is that you must have a clear idea of what to look out for.

Yes, you can find a gay man, especially the much-coveted gay bear, in unexpected places. But you’ll definitely end up being frustrated if you decide to keep looking haphazardly for them everywhere and anywhere without structuring your search in any reasonable way.

In case you happen to be in the hunt for a bear and don’t want to go about it in an uninformed way, we have just the right place for you to look.

Finding a Bear on Adult Cam Sites

One of the best places to look for bears on the internet is, without a doubt, adult cam sites platforms. And of all these sites, Chaturbate remains the number one for this purpose and many more.

For those who don’t know, Chaturbate is a cam website that allows model to showcase their sexual prowess to a host of adoring audience who tips them accordingly.  Broadcasters have been known to make a lot of money this way.  But apart from the financial aspect of it, the platform is already great for meeting a group of like-minded people who share a really niche sexual kinks and fantasies.

Chaturbate, you see, is packed full of gay men looking to hook up. You, too, can easily find the man you are looking for and get all the sexual tension out of the way using this unique strategy.

What’s more, with Chaturbate you can also create your own profile, specify your interests, and effectively tailor down the field to only viable suitors who completely fits into your desired category.

Why You Should Use Chaturbate

The first thing you want when you’re logging in to a cam platform is to find people who are similar to you. In both your basic sexual desires and more obscure kinks and fetishes. This is something that you get in remarkable abundance when you visit Chaturbate.

Finding people who share the same love for a particular type of gay men is hard, and this can even be regarded as something of an understatement.

Thanks to Chaturbate, the process becomes a whole lot easier. You’re not only able to find who you’re looking for, you’re also able to connect on a deep level thanks to mutual interest and connection.

No Need for Awkwardness

Meeting people you have a fetish for in real life can be really awkward. Not only is there an awkwardness that arise from meeting strangers, but this is also multiplied by the fact that you have a peculiar sexual fetish in mind. If you happen to meet on Chaturbate, however, all of this sexual awkwardness automatically goes out of the window. You already know each other. You already know why you’re here and what you’re looking for.

This way, instead of awkwardly interacting as though you were strangers, you’re able to relate freely and act like you’ve been lifelong friends who’ve been together since childhood.

A Solid Foundation to Start From

Sexual interest and sexual connection are remarkable things to find. Many serious relationships have been ruined by a lack of sexual compatibility. Yes, these people find that they have a lot of beautiful things in common, but sadly they just can’t relate and agree on a sexual level, and as such the relationship breaks down due to a lack of solid sexual foundation to stand upon.

In your shoes, though, thanks to the fact that you found your sexual interest on Chaturbate, you already have this aspect completely covered.

Instead of a awkward sexually incompatible base to begin the relationship, you have a solid mutually beneficial sexual interest that makes your bond even stronger.

Loads of Remote Sex

And of course let’s not forget the fact that you are meeting your prospective love interest on a sex-focused site with all your kinks and fetishes laid there on the table. What this means is that you will no doubt be having some mind-blowing remote sex pretty much every day for the rest of your life.

And what’s more, thanks to the sophistication of the Chaturbate platform, with loads of remote applications and software, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to have this mind-blowing sex.

creative gay date ideas
What is Kink and Bondage?

Giving Yourself an Extra Advantage

Chaturbate is a great place to find the exact kind of men you’re looking for, but the platform is so popular that it is pretty much where people come to find just about any kink and fantasy. This means that to get better results, you have to tailor your search to specific terms.

You can, of course, do this by only entering rooms with specific search terms and hashtags.  But to give yourself an additional advantage, it is well advisable that you create a unique profile for yourself.  Customize this profile with a detailed information about you.  Include what you’re looking for, what you’re capable of, your likes and dislikes, and many other key information capable of weeding out unsuitable visitors and only attracting people who are highly compatible.

Luckily, customizing your Chaturbate template in this way is actually quite easy and straightforward. When you do it right. To do it right, we recommend using a free template platform like Designurbate where you get access to thousands of high-quality professionally designed templates.  You can easily edit and customize to reflect your own personal tastes and information free of charge.

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it.  Everything you need to find yourself a bear without wasting unnecessary time and energy looking in the wrong places.  Follow all the steps and strategies we highlighted above, and you should be able to find yourself a compatible partner (or partners) and enjoying a fulfilling sex life in no time.

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