Best Mens Sex Toys – Surviving The Drought

Best Mens Sex Toys – Surviving The Drought

Mature gay men do not have to worry about losing out on the best mens sex toys. As a result of the long list of things that were stocked up during the lockdowns in previous years. When social distancing put Tinder dates on hold, the rise shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s important for newcomers to know what they should look for regardless of relationship status or quarantine status. Purchasing all types of mens sex toys based on sight alone is a recipe for disaster. So we’ve listed the most popular gadgets for men to unwind after a hard day of work.

What Are the Best Mens Sex Toys?


A masturbator offers extra stimulation for the man who wants to move away from his backside. At the other end of the spectrum, manual pulling is also possible through the use of eggs. Here a ribbed wrap around the interior of the sleeve for an extra tactile tug. Vibrations, pulsations, and temperature changes mimic the sensation of sex when you invest in a higher tech offering.

In fact, considering they’re a popular sex toy for men, we’ve even consulted an expert on how to pick the right masturbator. This is much better than getting a numb hand.

Cock rings

Invisible and nonpenetrative, cock rings for mature gay men will introduce male customers to the world of accessorized pleasure. An erection is usually made stronger and longer-lasting by wearing it at the base of the penis or testicles. The newest additions to your partner’s pleasure, such as vibrating settings, make it all the more enticing for her.

Plugs, Dildos, and beads

A dildo is probably something you’re already familiar with. Size is an obvious first consideration here, but there are other things to consider as well. Dildos will go deeper as they grow longer.  So if you’re new to all this, you might want to start with something under six inches.

Unlike the original dildos, which have veins and bones, the more realistic ones come in flesh-toned silicone. The Terminator himself come in hypoallergenic metals your skin has never touched before.  All of these would make excellent sex toys for couples.

They would also make great sex toys for couples.

best mens sex toys
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You could use a prostate massager at home if you are looking for pain relief without much penetration. These vibrate to stimulate the prostate for an even more intense orgasm and are commonly available in skin-friendly silicone. In addition to metal and glass, there are also choices for a more brave, colder sensation.


When it comes to bondage toys, they are all about experimenting with the power play and enhancing sexual horizons. They are best suited to couples. Since ancient times, bondage play have used restraints like ties and handcuffs, as well as ticklers and blindfolds. Whenever possible, couples who are well attuned to each other’s kinks and limits will utilize bondage toys to broaden their sexual horizons and experiment with the power play.

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Embracing Age and Sexuality in the Gay Community

A journey of self-discovery and coming to terms with one’s sexuality in the gay community can be a complex narrative. The experience is even more nuanced for older gay men who have lived through different eras, often marked by stigma, lack of representation, and health crises. Their wisdom can offer invaluable insights to younger generations navigating their own path.

Equally, maturing gay men can feel the pressure to recapture their youth in a culture that often idolizes youthfulness. It’s a delicate dance, but one that can lead to profound self-love and acceptance.

In this context, let’s explore the wisdom of older gay men and the challenges of aging in the gay community. Aiming to encourage self-love, acceptance, and mutual support across generations.

1. The Power of Intergenerational Connections

Psychotherapist Jeff Levy, based in Chicago, highlights the importance of intergenerational connections within the gay community. He says, “I’d encourage younger gay men to reach out to older gay men and ask questions about their life experiences and relationships. Intergenerational friendships and opportunities for mentoring can be incredibly enriching.”

This sentiment is echoed in the lived experiences of many older gay men. They wish they had the opportunity to gain insights from those who walked the path before them. This wisdom is now available to younger generations in the form of mentoring or friendship, offering different perspectives and invaluable life advice.

2. Maintaining Friendships: The Lifelong Support System

Dominic Davies, from the UK-based Pink Therapy, emphasizes the importance of maintaining close friendships while dating. “Friends often endure beyond romantic relationships. But they too require nurturing and maintenance.” This is a valuable reminder that friendships can provide a solid support system throughout life.

3. Owning Your Sexuality: The Key to Fulfillment

Older generations advise younger gay men to embrace and express their sexual desires without shame. “Don’t be embarrassed to tell sex partners what you like doing in bed, or to ask for the sex you want,” advises one anonymous respondent. Dominic Davies adds, “Learn what turns you on and discuss that with your partner. Erotic pleasure is infinite, there is no need to be bored if you share your active imaginations!”

4. The Importance of Safety and Self-Preservation

Older gay men emphasize the importance of safe sex practices. “Have as much sex as you want with whoever you want and never feel guilty about it… but always be safe. There’s no sex so mind-blowing it’s worth risking your health for. And if someone tries to persuade you to be unsafe, that should be a reason to leave,” advises SG.

5. Prioritizing the Right People

DK’s advice is straightforward: “Prioritize people who wish to prioritize you: not those who treat you as an option.” This highlights the need for reciprocity in relationships.

6. Supporting Others for Mutual Benefit

“Challenge prejudice and discrimination even when it isn’t aimed at you or people like you. Support others and you will be supported by others,” says Matthew Hodson, Executive Director, NAM / aidsmap. This sentiment emphasizes the power of unity and mutual support in combating various forms of discrimination.

7. Actions Speak Louder than Words

DK advises, “Someone may say that they’re committed to you or feel a certain way about you, but if their actions say otherwise, listen to what those actions are telling you. People really do reveal themselves through their actions.” This wisdom underscores the importance of actions over words in building trust in relationships.

8. Embracing Kindness

“Always try to treat others with kindness… even if you have the perfect, bitchy response to hand to put someone down,” advises an anonymous respondent. Matthew Hodson adds, “Cruelty is not funny.” These insights emphasize the value of kindness in interactions.

9. Recognizing Warning Signs

“Don’t ignore red flags for gay dating when getting involved with someone. They nearly always turn into bigger issues further down the line,” warns an anonymous respondent. This advice underscores the need for vigilance in relationships.

Two men expressing affection

10. The True Essence of a Partner

Michael Dale Kimmel, a licensed psychotherapist, argues that good sex involves more than just physical attraction. “If your dick is the only part of you really involved, don’t be surprised if, after you orgasm, you feel lonelier than ever… Learn to open your heart and your mind as well as your legs!” he advises.

11. Challenging Myths

“The old saying that ” is a big, fat lie,” says an anonymous respondent, challenging the age-related myths that circulate within the gay community.

12. Embracing Change

“Love changes as you get older: things get calmer, problems become more subtle, you’ll probably look for more stability and less drama. So, enjoy your lovers now, knowing it will just get better over time,” says Michael Dale Kimmel, encouraging a positive outlook on aging.

13. Appreciating All Generations

Matthew Hodson urges appreciation for every generation, saying, “Every generation is fabulous in its own way – and every generation will face its own struggles. We deal with our challenges more effectively when we learn from the generations that came before us.”

14. Customizing Your Relationship

Dominic Davies and SG both advocate for honesty and negotiation in relationships, whether they are monogamous or non-monogamous. “Cheating sucks,” says Davies, emphasizing the importance of transparency.

15. Embracing Authenticity

“Life is too short to spend time hiding your true self or trying to live up to the expectations of others. This is your life and you only get to live it once,” says DK, encouraging authenticity and self-love.

While embracing the wisdom of older gay generations, it’s equally important to acknowledge the challenges that come with aging in the gay community. A societal pressure to stay youthful, the fear of becoming a “chickenhawk”, and the struggle to maintain self-worth can take a toll, as experienced by Roo from London.  As we age, we gain insights into our self-worth, learn to take better care of ourselves, and stop comparing our journey with others.

Aging, like every other aspect of life, is a journey.

While we cannot escape societal pressures and expectations, we can carve our own path, embracing self-love, authenticity, and acceptance. After all, every journey is unique, and every age has its own charm and wisdom to offer.

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