Gay Love: How to Know Whether He Likes You

Gay Love: How to Know Whether He Likes You

Perhaps, one mystery in life is knowing whether the one you’re interested in is also into you or not. You’ve probably had one date and exchanged a few messages. Now that his wit and humor sparked your interest, you wanted to know for sure if he likes you or is he just being too friendly.  Gay love is full of doubt.

Finding the right person can be tricky enough, and figuring out if he likes you can also come with challenges. Guys can also be shy, but it doesn’t mean he won’t give some subtle signs that he’s attracted to you. Maybe, he’s also waiting for you to make a move before he shows his interest.

Misreading his actions can also lead to false expectations and may put you at risk of developing romantic feelings for a person who does not have feelings back. Let’s take the guesswork out of gay love and get some gay dating advice and discuss some ways to tell that he likes you.

Taking the Guess Work out of Gay Love

He initiates and stays in contact with you

One of the first signs that he is into you is if he initiates a conversation with you.  It might be at a group gathering, a party, or any other event, he will come up to you and starts talking with you. It may not always necessarily mean that he likes you romantically, but it’s a good start.

If you did not hear from him after you part ways.  It might be best to move on. But if he goes out of his way to remain in contact with you, it’s definitely a great sign. Sharing, viewing, or liking your social media posts may not be enough to know if he’s interested in you unless he directly communicates with you through personal messages.

He pays attention to what you say

There could be a few reasons why he initiates contact with you. He could be bored at the event and doesn’t know anyone. But you seem very friendly, which gave him the courage to approach you. If he shows genuine interest in asking questions about you and paying attention, and even remembering information you shared, then there’s a good chance he’s into you.

Some people simply have good social skills and are better communicators than others.  Most gay men prefer to be listened to instead of listening to someone else. But he will make an effort to listen and pay attention to what you say if he likes you. It can be his way of gaining your trust.

He compliments you

Everyone likes compliments, whether they admit it or not, and gay guys are not an exception. Men know that, so if he’s into you, he will compliment you. He will pay attention to your outfit and overall appearance and will naturally compliment you. Your potential man will also make an effort to find out about your interests and make you feel special.

He gives you special attention

One of the easiest ways to tell if he is into you is if your guy pays you special attention by treating you differently than other men. You’ve probably seen him around others and with his male friends, but you notice he acts differently around you. Perhaps, he touches you more often or rarely leaves by your side. 

Even when you are with a group of people, you catch him looking at you many times. He is also constantly checking up on you, making sure you’re okay or having a good time.

 He introduces you to important people in his life

There is no denying that one of the easiest ways to tell if he likes you or not is if he introduces you to his loved ones, including his friends and family. A man looking for a long-term partner will want the approval of the people he loves and cares about.

Typically, he will introduce you first to his best friend or someone close to him to get their opinion of you. Remember that bringing someone you’re seeing to meet your family and friends isn’t a small gesture. There is no way he will let you enter his life if he’s simply being polite.

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He makes plans for your next date

If he doesn’t see a potential mate in you, he will not have another date with you. He will either ghost you or tell you about how he feels, hoping you’ll move on and forget about him. The case is different if your man likes you. He will be eager to spend another time with you, so he will make sure to plan for the next time you hang out.

Your next date won’t be next month or in a couple of weeks. If he likes you, he would want it to happen as soon as possible. He wouldn’t want to wait for long and might even plan your date for the next day.

He Opens Up To You

Most people are naturally protective of their personal life.  Many guys don’t really like to open up to someone unless they are comfortable with that person. By sharing something personal about you, you become vulnerable. You open yourself for judgment and criticism and allow others to enter a private space you like to keep to yourself.

Men are often reluctant to share their deep thoughts, hopes, dreams, and fears with someone.

Since most men keep much of their personal feelings private, it is a huge thing when a guy opens up to you. Not only is it an act of bravery and courage on their part. But it can also be a clear indication that he is interested in you and want you to be part of his life. It means he is comfortable with you and trusts you with his feelings.

Like any other relationship, gay love can be tricky

Figuring out if the one you’re interested in likes you back is like solving a massive jigsaw puzzle. It can keep you up all night guessing and wondering. But once you confirm that the feeling is mutual, it’s worth all the sleepless nights. If you’re ready to bring your connection to the next level, there are more things need to be prepared, because there are differences between gay & straight couple in sexual satisfaction.

Most gay couples have anal sex, which is quite different from vaginal sex.  Anus is usually tighter than vaginal canal, and it’s fragiler because there are full of nerves endings. Add plenty of lubricants and do wear a condom to protect your partner and yourself. There are a wide range of male sex toys for the mature gay sex that can make your sexual relationship more special and safe! 

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How to Identify and Stimulate the Erogenous Zones

Male Erogenous Zones to Stimulate During Sex

“What is an erogenous zone in psychology and does it affect your sexual desire?” 

Simply put, sexual erogenous zones are highly sensitive parts of the human body. Stimulating these areas during foreplay encourages deep relaxation, promotes blood flow, enhances sexual pleasure, builds arousal, and significantly helps achieve sexual desires. It isn’t a secret that female bodies achieve sexual desires through various pleasure points. Similarly, men also derive desires from several pleasure points.

Interestingly, where a man’s most erogenous zone remains a common question. While there is no clear count on how many erogenous zones are there on the male body and why erogenous zones differ from person to person, knowing them is good for your sexual desires. Below are some common pleasure points to know before meeting your date from the best dating sites review to fulfill your sexual desires.

The F-Spot

  • How to identify.  The F-Spot is probably not a good answer to what are the basic erogenous zones in men. Nonetheless, it is one of the best sexual pleasure points men have. The frenulum is the part where glans meet the shaft of the penis, just below the head. The concentration of nerves in this zone can only be compared to the female clitoris.
  • How to stimulate: To satisfy your sexual desires, it is best to stimulate this area through oral sex. As you give oral sex, stroke the frenulum with your thumb as fingers move around the shaft. To build arousal slowly, stimulate the less sensitive part of the penis and the frenulum alternatively.

The P-Spot

  • How to identify: The p-spot or the prostate gland is yet another sexual pleasure point to touch that helps achieve sexual desires. The organ is located approximately ¾ of finger-length inside the anus and feels like a walnut. This hotbed of nerve endings is arguably the most pleasurable male erogenous zone, just like the female G-spot. Gently massaging the area can lead to powerful sexual desires and orgasms.
  • How to stimulate: If you should go to this stretch to achieve your sexual desire, it is best to consult your partner first before inserting your finger into their anus. Nobody wants unexpected surprises in the bedroom. If your partner doesn’t like the idea of using fingers, you can achieve sexual desires through other ways of stimulating the prostate. Alternative methods to achieve your desires through this zone include giving tender touch to the perineum or the smooth skin between the anus and testicles.
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Soles of Feet

  • How to identify: Surprisingly, men have a higher concentration of nerve endings on their soles than women. The sexual acupressure point exists approximately a third of the way down from the 3rd toe, which is right at the center of the arch. Gently pressing this point boosts blood flow and sexual desires throughout the body.
  • How to stimulate: To achieve sexual desire through this, begin by giving your partner a gentle foot massage. Use a warm towel to wipe their feet and then rub the area using your thumb. Gently rub around the same spot as you transition to a more erotic region.

Bottom Line

Turning your partner on and achieving your sexual desires shouldn’t only be about going below the belt. Apart from the three sexual desire zones mentioned above.  Other male erogenous zones that provide great sexual desires include the genitals, armpits, mouth, breasts, shoulders, lower back, and neck.

Note that different people respond differently to stimulation with factors such as timing, choice of partner, type of stimulation, and mood, affecting the ability to achieve expected sexual desires. That said, which one gives you great sexual desires? Share below.

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