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Out Guide for Gay SOPVs

Gay SOPVs or sex on premises venues are often thought of as being uniquely connected to Queer Culture. In a way, this is certainly true. SOPVs have endured a long association with the queer community. They arguably have its roots to a time when the public displays of our affection, and indeed any form of display of our sexuality, was frowned upon or illegal.

These venues stem from the idea of working class bathhouses.  An essential service when a working bachelor would be assigned to living in a room.  As opposed to owning his a self-contained unit such as his own house or property. 

Over time these developed into specific queer venues where sex would be practised and engaged with on site.

Out Guide Gay SOPVS

Some of you will have embraced sex on premises locations by now, not everyone has. Questions come up.

  • What do I do?
  • What on earth actually happens?
  • Should I do this?
  • Will I look silly?

Going to a gay sex on premises venue can be scary the first time.  But they are inviting, comfortable and safe places in which men and can be their selves and enjoy a sexually great time. Sydney is very fortunate to have many gay sex on premises venues.  No two are the exact same.

out guide gay SOPVs
Gay Men in Sauna

A Wide Range of People Visit SOPVs

Each venue attracts a wide range of people, sexuality, body types, ages and races.

It is a myth to suggest that all gay bathhouses and saunas are filled with mature men.  This is not the case at all.  Men of all ages and sizes will frequent a sauna and SOP venue.

  • Each venue distributes condoms and lubrication for free to ensure safe sex happens.
  • At all these venues, No means No.  You will not be forced to partake in any sexual acts you are not comfortable with.
  • People roam the hallways and rooms looking for their next partner. So there are a wide variety of people roaming at any given time.
  • SOPV’s have their own unique communication and codes.  It can be intimidating and tricky for a new person who has never been into one before.

Gay SOPVs In Sydney

In Sydney, NSW, the majority of gay sex venues are located in the city, and some out west.  These establishments are fully legal and generally have a cover charge to enter.

Facilities have change areas, lockers, showers and tones of space to get it on. Some venues have re-entry policies which allow patrons to exit/re-enter. There are a few unspoken gay sauna etiquette rules that occur when in a cruising club and this might help you in navigating a sauna.

  • If you’re not interested in someone do not be disrespectful or rude. There is nothing wrong with simply walking away. As there are a variety of different people that are there.
  • Safe sex should always be practiced. If someone refuses to use a condom, you are not obligated to continue engaging in sexual activity with them.  A polite thanks but no thanks is all that is needed and you can move on.
  • If you’re interested in someone you can notify them that you’re interested by looking them directly into the eyes. If there is a response, you may grab and rub your crotch.  And if they’re interested, they’ll signal. They’ll move on if they’re not.
  • No means no. If you’re not interested that’s the end of it.  Move on or seek assistance from a staff member.

What’s The Difference Between A Cruise Club And A Sauna?

Some adult stores will have cruise lounges in them but these are geared for gay men.  An addition of a cruise lounge can be quite intimidating for some people.

Cruise Clubs offer a wide range of sexual activities with playrooms, places for public and private sex. They might have sling rooms, cubicles, lounge areas and refreshment facilities.  In a cruise club, guys will generally walk around in their clothes.

out guide gay SOPVs
Gay Cruise Club

Saunas feature wet areas such as a steam room, saunas and spas. Guys will often only walk around in a towel, leaving their clothes in a locker. There are lots cubicles with vinyl mattresses and as well the usual showers, rest areas and refreshments.


SOPVs in Sydney


Open 24 hours/7 days a week

Phone: 02 9638 0553

17 Bridge St, Rydalmere NSW 2116, Australia

Aarows is listed as the premier Gay and Bi Social club of Sydney.

They have couples nights and swingers nights for both gay and heterosexual men and their girlfriends/wives. Indeed, couples nights are fantastic for swingers.  Many women will also bring their favourite lingerie and female friendly vibrators. Just the same as the male clientele bringing their own cock rings, dressing up with their own fetish gear.

At Aarows, there is no discrimination. You might even find a cuckolded male wearing a chastity belt allowing his wife/girlfriend to play where he can only watch and suffer from orgasm denial! They have been servicing clients since 1990 and have almost 30 years’ experience in doing so.

Originally located in Blacktown, they expanded the business to Granville in Sydney’s West.  From there they have since closed both locations and are currently in Rydalmere. They have a specific sex positive attitude and they go to great lengths to ensure the safety and security of all their clientele who visit.

Over the years, their experience has allowed them to create a venue that has no rivals. For an extended period of time, Aarows has established itself as the Premier location for sexual health, recreation and a social centre.  Where safe sexual activity can be permitted regardless of gender, and sexuality.

Aarows is a three story premises.

  • Ground floor features the main entry into the club and also has the lounge room, a kiosk and gym area, a wet area.  Which includes spas and showers, and an outdoor smoking area.
  • First level has a variety of themed sex rooms which include slings and swings, private booths, a massage room.  And a cinema room which plays erotic films, and rooms with glory holes.
  • Top level also includes a second cinema room as well as private social areas and rooms which can be used for yoga and stretching. The top floor also has a lounge which can be booked for private and special events.


Kingsteam/Sydney Sauna

Phone:  (02) 9360 3431

38/42 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Sydney Sauna is located in the heart of Sydney and is a sauna that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They pride themselves on being readily available and they provide a range of amenities and features available to their clientele.  From 20 serviced rooms, 2 cruise areas, video lounge and wet area and a fully serviced cafe.  King Steam boasts an incredibly spacious spa, a steam room with a traditional cedar sauna.

They also provide free internet and Wi-Fi.  And have a large cinema room playing the hottest gay videos with a fresh food cafe. They don’t just cater to the casual hook up.  But they’re also there to provide a space to relax, socialise and meet and greet other likeminded individuals.

Regardless of what you’re after whether it’s casual fun or simply a place to relax, they have the right environment that will suit your needs. They also have a private room for massages with fully trained massage therapists that can help you unwind after a long day.  Though keep in mind that this incurs an additional surcharge.

out guide gay sopvs
Massage Room


Monday-Thursday 11am- 3am, Friday open at 11am and closes sometime Monday morning.

Phone: (02) 9331 8830

81 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Signals is different to some of the other sex on premises venues.  They’re not considered a sauna, therefore they do not have the wet areas.  As a result, Signals is also a lot cheaper than some of the other venues out there as they don’t have additional overheads.

They have 30 private and lockable rooms which contain various things such as mirrors, beds and half beds. As well as padded walls if you like a bit rough and heavy against the wall. They have a variety of rooms with glory holes, and two movies rooms playing XXX movies with the hottest new releases.

Signals is a cruising club.

You are permitted to wear clothes, though showing skin whether that be a little or a lot, is not frowned upon.  At Signals, they welcome men seeking sexual activity and contact with other men.  They do not discriminate with race, age, and sexual identity. Indeed, they also welcome female to male transgender.

If you’re new to Signals, simply give a shout out to the staff who are more than welcome to show you the layout of the premises.  Though they do say that you’ll probably have more fun exploring the space on your own.

Like most SOPV’s all the rooms in Signal are stocked with regular sized condoms.  If you need other sizes either ask or bring your own.  They have water based lubricant and the provision of paper towels. If you’re looking for any other equipment such as gloves and dams.  Ask at the counter where they’ll provide them to you at no additional charge.



Open daily from 12noon to 7am weekdays, and 24 hours weekends.

Phone: (02) 9360 1006

10 Taylor Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Bodyline was established in 1991, and was the first legal gay sex venue to be wholly owned by gay men.

It was also the first lawfully establish bathhouse in Sydney and has been operating as such for nearly 30 years.  Like most Gay SOPV’s Bodyline had to endure several legal jumps in order to be established.  It was originally knocked back on the grounds of the Disorderly House Act.  After appealing the Justice granted Bodyline the ability to legally operate.

It has four floors to steamy adventure through and it is deemed to be the most popular bathhouse for gay men.

Layout of Bodyline

  • Lower ground floor is the space for the largest spa in Sydney. This spa is maintained for your health and safety by spa and pool specialists.  It is both monitored and backed up by a high tech computer system which is responsible for monitoring the chemical levels in the pool at all times. Temperature is set to your comfort levels, and is backed up by Australian Standards of health.
  • Ground floor is also home to Bodyline’s Steam Room and Dry Sauna. The ground floor is where you will enter the premises.  On this floor you’ll find reception and the locker room. This is the perfect place to start your adventure as it also has a coffee lounge with access to the internet, and a cinema.  Relax, put your feet up and take your time in learning the layout of Bodyline.
  • On the first floor is where you’ll find some of the action. Here there are private rooms, and themed/fantasy rooms with bondage slings and swings.  You’ll also find the maze and a video room. Here is where you can cruise the halls to meet your casual encounter or potentially a future love interest! It’s low level lighting with some music always playing.  You’ll find free lubricant and condoms in every room.
  • Second floor is the sun room.  On this floor you’ll find the smoking balcony and a very popular sundeck that is open from noon till 5pm every day with the weather permitting. You can relax on the sun lounge and admire the tans, or sit back and relax.

Bodyline will always ensure that you have a great time at their venue.  They do this by providing their clients with the cleanest, safest and friendliest bathhouse in Sydney.


Sydney City Steam (357)

357 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000

Sydney Steam at 357 Sussex Street was opened in 2001 after two years of searching for a venue. They have been functioning for 13 years. It is considered to be the largest and most sought after gay venue in Australia. They’re also gay owned and operated, and fully licensed for sexual activity.

What’s even greater is that they have a fully operating bar!

357 developed as they saw a huge void in the market.  All of the gay sex on premises venues centred on the Gay Epicentre of Oxford Street and there was saunas in the CBD.  From here, they became one of the busiest saunas on the market.

Sydney Steam prides itself on its no attitude policy

Whether you’re freshly 18, or 85, whether your 50 kilos or 300 kg and irrespective of your cultural background – all are welcome at 357.  At 357 there really is something for everyone.

Sydney steam has four levels of fun and sexy times.

  • Their discreet entrance on Sussex Street will lead you to the first floor by walking up the stairs and into the foyer area. Here is where you can pay your entry fee, grab your towel and locker key.
  • From the foyer you will enter the locker room where you’ll strip down, put your belongings in a locker.  Change into your towel ready for the cruising to commence.
  • First floor features Australia’s largest dry sauna which has a flat screen TV and can accommodate seating for up to 22 people. This floor will also showcase a state of the art steam room. Both of which features dark rooms where you can get lost and enjoy the moment.  The wet area also has both open and private showers as well as a spa for you to lounge in and enjoy.

gay sopvs

Moving on From the First Floor

  • From the first floor, you can make your way upstairs to the second floor which contains 13 private rooms and a double screen XXX film cinema.  The porn that Sydney Steam showcases is the latest and hottest porn. Beside the cinema is the 8 x 8 suckatorium.  All the rooms are presented to you with low level and seductive mood lighting.  Condoms and lubricant available for free and at your convenience in all sex areas.
  • Level three has more private rooms for you to enjoy with various themed rooms which include a sling room, a bondage room and a black room and maze. Like all sex areas, there are free condoms and lubrication in all areas that you can have sex in.
  • Level four is a non sex floor which utilises a fully licensed bar and internet cafe a reading and tv lounge, a cinema and a chill out room. There are also massage services available at an extra cost. It should be noted that the cafe and bar is open on Fridays (Noon to 11), Saturdays(3pm-11pm) and Sundays (3pm to 8pm).

Sydney City Steam (357) offers in-house HIV/AIDS testing. Quickly and discreetly get tested and stay current on your sexual health.


Head Quarters

Phone: (02) 9331 6217

273 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Headquarters is for the fetishists among us. Headquarters is specifically geared towards fetish parties and casual encounters and their rooms are set up with this in mind.

They are a cruise club and sex on premises venue. Headquarters you are permitted to wear clothes, though being naked is certainly not discouraged.  Wearing fetish clothes and fetish gear which includes your bondage gags for the piss pigs is also highly encouraged.  Guys that go to headquarters are not of any particular type. They can be found anywhere in the gay community.

Headquarters prides itself on not only catering to all age groups (above 18 of course).  But also to all nationalities as well as gay sub cultures.  Whilst it is a SOPV, people will go to Head Quarters to socialise and meet new people.  Develop friends and fuck buddies.  Use the facilities that they may not have had at home such as pissing rooms, and a sling room.  Or they might go to headquarters to engage in new and different sexual experiences such as fisting and water sports.

Because of this you’ll often see a lot of fetish sex toys. You will experience a variety of new things. If you’ve never see someone walking around wearing a hollow penis plug ready to engage in water sports, you’re bound to see it here..

Headquarters has four levels.

Ground floor, two basement levels and a top floor.

  • The ground floor is purely social and will have a coffee and lounge area with a TV.  A noticeboard and a front counter for light refreshments.
  • Top floor is a sex space and also has toilets, a douche/prep room where you can choose to clean yourself up and prepare.  Or even get in the swing of the activities ahead with your male toys. There are also sling rooms and private cubicles as well as the water sports room.
  • Lower ground floors are also sex spaces, and will also have a sling room, another douche room, group sex areas and a sucking station.
  • Bottom floor is where some of the hard core stuff will happen.  Here you’ll see men lubing up with Crisco and fisting lubricant, or preparing themselves to be manhandled by warming up with their favourite inflatable dildo. Which is a necessity when preparing for stretching and other such activities.

It’s best to start off on the social floor and just chill until you’ve become relaxed and then wander through the sex areas.  You do not have to participate as you could simply wander around and observe.  Get a feel for what other people are doing, how they’re moving.  As well as how they’re approaching people. If at any stage you feel discomfort or find yourself in a situation that you’re not quite sure how to deal with, simply move back up to the ground floor social level.

Melbourne SOPVs

1. Wet On Wellington

  • Gay and lesbian.
  • Collingwood.

Wet is one of Melbourne’s most popular saunas. Staggering distance from the Collingwood bars, it’s busiest on Friday and Saturday nights. With its very busy steam room, a cosy spa and sauna, bar and Greco-Roman decor downstairs. A cruising maze upstairs with porn lounges, private cubicles and not-so-private areas, you can lose yourself here for hours.

What differentiates this venue from the others is that it is the only one that has a 25m lap pool, which is a nice way to cool off.

Wet tends to attract the younger crowd. Definitely a pleasant way to spend an afternoon or evening.

162 Wellington St, Collingwood. Mon-Thu noon-2am; Fri-Sun open 24 hours.

2. Subway Sauna

This is the only sauna in the CBD, and has a discreet entrance on Banana.  As well as a couple of rabbit-warren-like mazes with disorienting mirrors and a couple of porn lounges.  Subway has a good-sized spa, steam room and sauna, and the wet area is the most popular, for both action and cruising.

A chillout video lounge, cyber lounge and café means this venue attracts CBD workers out for a lunchtime quickie.

Vault 13, Banana Alley Vaults, Melbourne. 24 hours.

3. Bay City Sauna

One of the longest-running saunas in Melbourne.  This venue has existed in the heart of multicultural Elsternwick for many years. With the usual appointments – spa, steam room, dry sauna, video lounge, cruise area and snack bar.  Bay City is a smaller, more intimate SOPV and is more like your local pub.  A place where regulars will go frequently for some R&R. This venue comes with events to suit all tastes and tends to attract a slightly older crowd.

482D Glen Huntly Road, Elsternwick. Mon-Thurs 12noon-1am, Fri-Sun 12noon until late.

4. Peninsula Sauna and Shed16

If you live down the Mornington Peninsula, then this venue in Seaford should be the one for you. Each sauna is one half of the same venue and each side caters to different clientele. Peninsular Sauna is for gay men, whereas Shed16 caters to the straight/bi community.

There are a variety of events that change occasionally.  It would be prudent to ring ahead before arriving, to check what’s happening on the day.

This venue has an impressive array of facilities.  Large spa, dry sauna and steam room, licensed bar and café, private and open play areas, bondage and kink dungeon.  Suckatorium, sling rooms, voyeur rooms, porn lounge and the obligatory internet lounge.

16 Cumberland Drive, Seaford. Monday-Wed noon-late, Thurs noon-6pm, Fri-Sun noon-late.

Queensland SOPVs

Wet Spa & Sauna – Gay Only

Brisbane’s only gay men’s spa and sauna. Come down and relax in comfort with like-minded men from across Brisbane, Australia and the world. Located in Bowen Hills for over 15 years and just a short stroll away from the gay clubs.

Inside is fully air-conditioned for shelter from the outside elements and relatively clean.  If not a little aging and run down. Housing the only gay swimming pool in Brisbane,

Wet is not only just a place to get off.  Its a place where you can come unwind and spend an evening in the fully tiled steam room, cedar sauna or ozone spa. There is also a  private video lounge,  sling room, maze area, glory holes, and private rooms.  Each with an ample supply of lube, condoms and hand towels. Upstairs come and chill out in the lounge area, with cafe, free high-speed internet access, or just watch TV on the big screen projector.

In the change room, lockers & towels are provided.

Wet is renowned for its busy Sunday sessions.  Though towel free Tuesday’s are popular as is Buddy Fridays. Visit on weekdays around 12 to 2 pm or again later after 4 pm if you want to go when Wet is most popular.  They are open 7 days a week from 11 am to between 10 pm and 2 am depending on the night.

Club 29 – Gay Only

Brisbane’s only gay cruise club open every day from midday until the early am. Never been to a sex on premises venue? Just wanting to know what Brisbane has to offer men who have sex with men? “29” is a specially designed space for men who enjoy sex with men. It was designed and operates as part sex on premises venue, part chill out lounge and part event space.

29 is a non-judgmental environment where any guys come to cruise other guys. It is a safe sex venue committed to the educated celebration of male to male sexuality with a range of events and play spaces. Attracting a diverse range of guys with differing tastes and desires.

But with over 2,500 guys coming through the doors each month it’s pretty hard not to find a match…

Western Australia SOPVs

Ram Lounge

114 Barrack Street, 6000, Perth, Australia

Perth Steam Works

Perth Steam Works is a place for men to meet MEN. Weekly free HIV/STI testing for men who have sex with men at Perth Steamworks.

369 William Street, Northbridge WA 6003

Entry off Forbes Road


South Australia SOPVs

Ram Lounge

346 King William Street, 5000, Adelaide, Australia

Pulteney 431

Pulteney 431, often referred to as ‘The Club’ or ‘431’. It has been operating continuously in Adelaide for over 40 years, catering to the gay, bi-sexual and bi-curious male community.

431 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, Australia